The Whole Package

The Whole Package


Detroit, MI – Reno Wesley is a Detroit Based Record Producer who has kept his community in peace by way of his music. Music has always been a movement in his Detroit East side neighborhood helping to deter gang violence and keep inspiration in his community. One In A Million showcases the Record Producer’s multifaceted talents such as: Singing, playing piano, guitar, rapping and drumming. The album is very innovative full of pizazz and flare scheduled for release December 10th, 2014 on the Hit 2 Hit Music recording label. The album talks about fun, love, dancing, and God, a mirror image of the movement from his grass roots on Wayburn Street. The album is PG13 and fused with Electronic Dance/Hip Hop beats that will keep you rocking out. The album can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify December 10th, 2014

Reno Wesley
Reno Wesley is a multi-talented record producer who Writes and produces multiple genres of music. His Infectious sound has been carefully developed into a magnificent piece of musical art, which encompasses Hip-hop, gospel, soul, pop, funk and rib. The Detroit Native was under the apprenticeship of the late great Hip-hop producer, and legend, J Dilla (RIP). Reno sings and Rhymes over his melodic beats revealing his passion for being musically innovative and progressive. In 1991 Reno released his first record entitled No Place to go with the rap group First Down.

Reno was the founding Member of the group and vehemently pressed forward for superstardom. Success would shortly follow when DJ Premier of the rap group Gang star passed along First Down’s demo tape to Pay Day records. The group was offered a record deal for a single that was co produced by Reno, J Dilla, and DJ Dez. The song was entitled: A day with the homies. First Down’s success was short lived, but that did not stop Reno’s pursuit of the music business, as he remained relentlessly determined, and rigorously motivated.

Reno then began taking trips to New York City where he would meet Brooklyn native Alex Devaughn. Alex was a record promoter who worked with Sean “P diddy” Combs of Bad Boy Records. Alex introduced Reno to Combs and from that point Reno began developing relationship with the New Yorkers. Reno would later be introduced to Lil Kim and Rapper Lil Cease of Junior Mafia. The A&R of Queen Bee Records, Gene Nelson, made the introduction possible. Reno and Gene became acquainted predicated on an interest that Nelson had taken in one of Reno’s demos. Reno would go on to record a song with Lil Cease entitled: Ghetto sexy. 2000 Watts Music a prominent production company in the music business, who notably sold over 60 million records, signed Reno to production deal in 2002. 2000 Watts produced records for many multi-platinum recording artists including: Janet Jackson & Busta Rhymes. Reno was solicited by Sony Music/Epic Records to remix a song for their new artist Amerie. Reno worked with A&R Kisan Coppedge to coordinate the finalization of the recording.

In 2002 Reno formed the label Hit 2 Hit music as a means to independently promote and sell his music. IN 2002 Reno was solicited by Global Hue to write a Jingle for Dodge Durango. IN 2004 Alex DE Vaughn introduced Reno to G Unit and Tony Yayo took an interest in one of Reno’s songs. Reno is a family guy and enjoys being the proud Father of Reno Wesley II. Reno is a loving, caring, and dedicated Father. Reno is currently a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online where he is pursuing his bachelors of advertising Degree. Reno has currently worked on the album ONE IN A MILLION. The album is to be released December 10th on iTunes. The album is Reno’s first release as a solo artist and it showcases his multifaceted talent.


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