The Wanker Two Essentials Available Now!!!


Nashville, Memphis — October 9, 2017 — Soul infused conscious Hip-Hop artist/producer, out of Memphis(TN). Currently working on the second edition to my International Mixtape series, “The Wanker” with DJ Ames(UK). “The Wanker Two Essentials” include the main single “Where Dreams Last Forever”(featuring Dollasign P), followed by “Model”. Other singles include “Benny Hill” (featuring Tune-C & The Influence). The Wanker Two Essential Maxi-Single Disc One is Available Online Now, while “The Wanker Two Mixtape” will be released 10-10-2017…

Jus Mo is a complex Southern Hip Hop/Rap artist that was raised to everything from Traditional Memphis Rap (Three 6, 8ball & MJG, Playa Fly) to East Coast (Nas, Jay-Z, Mos Def) to West Coast (Snoop Dogg, Tupac, The Game). Known for taking titles from Movies and incorporating his own brand of witty banter, Jus Mo (Jus Money) has always been an Underground Favorite. From his days as a Throne Holders Productions artist, to release a series of Mixtapes and gaining traction Online.

Nothing means more to him than making something new, something different. Music sounds the same these days and he feels that what he bring to the Hip-Hop community is versatility.

Currently nearing the release of “The Wanker Two Mixtape”(Hosted by DJ Ames), Jus Mo has been offered a proposal from Bentley Records(NYC). Don’t be surprised if, after “The Wanker Two” runs it’s course, Jus Mo releases an EP or two…



Southern Rap/Hip-Hop hybrid, taking nothing and turning it into something. Stay tuned…

Jus Mo
Justin Jackson
189 Wallace Rd, A-32


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