The Tor Release Blues-Rock Debut

The Tor Release Blues-Rock Debut

Last Exit Out Now


Hopewell, New Jersey – May 1, 2018 – If there is one thing people today will never have fully, it’s the original Woodstock experience. That beautiful, harmonious time where music was pure and full of heart and soul. While one cannot travel back in time, they can rely on artists today creating similar rock and roll vibes. Bands like The Tor are doing just that with a bit of the Blues on their debut, Last Exit.

15-songs deep, Last Exit is an entertaining audible experience that takes listeners on quite the ride. With a style that harkens back to a time when everything from music to life was simpler, it’s a great escape. Rock based in the blues, there is a clear ’60s influence sewn in between the harmonics, guitars, and mandolins of “Lady of the Tor,” “White Wolf,” and “Girl Like You.”

Each member of The Tor comes with their own history chalked full of notable notes. Lead vocalist and guitarist spent much of the ’80s in bands, brothers Christopher and Art Dorety who take on the bass and keyboards were a dynamic duo in the ’00s, and The Tor isn’t the first time Richard Berends has been behind a drum set. He’s worked as a professional drummer since the ’90s as a session and touring musician that’s found him playing all around the world including in the UK and Japan.

The Tor is currently planning a local run of shows, while simultaneously working on new music. Those interested in booking them for a show, featuring or reviewing Last Exit, or interviewing the band can get in touch via the information below.


The Tor is a blues-rock band with their debut, Last Exit, out now.

The Tor
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