The release of Lyrxscz101 of Fatal Allie


Contact: Jesus Guzman
Phone: 3212785674

MIAMI, FLORIDA – For a while the individual known as One to many and Lyrxscz to some has pushed on with originality and new talented wordplay. Although unheard and unseen to the public eye Lyrxscz One01 has provided an eye opening, ear catching product of dinstinction to many local and already celibrated artists. Nevertheless, this artist persists by expanding with new ideas and local artists that ensure colorful & vibrant product and production. Lyrxscz One01 has incorporated a few companies and has created a production team known as Fatal Alliez DBA Ipifany Productionz. The product and projects at hand are in connection with a services company named Allegianze L.L.C. providing Graphics up to par and if not up to par well beyond expectations of new consumers, viewers, listeners, and fans.

Lyrxscz One01 has concluded a few projects and is working on current provisions for expansion in marketing and growth. Collaborating and creating new avenues as well as groups called Mighty Mighty Youth! it’s no wonder why the slogan for Ipifany productions is Collab or Collide. In fact, the Lyrics this artist provides is well beyond words and expression creating a freight train of artistry and competitve tracks.

We’d like for you to believe he’s the next big thing…. Nevertheless… this instrumental producer, Music Engineer, Electronic D.J., Graffiti/Graphic artist, Breakdancer,Lyricist etc. etc. etc. Maybe the next big thing.

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Enjoy yourself and Take care… =-D