The music industry welcomes a promising new artist

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA – Dana is among the few artists who are truly cut out for the music world. From a humble town in Louisiana, this promising artist had to prove her talent many times to get to where she is today. Her debut single, ‘I’m a witness’ is a strong testament to the fact that those who pursue their passion no matter how hard the journey is, eventually achieve success.

Dana took to the Gospel genre in music quite early in life. She was the youngest member in her choir group. And now this artist continues taking inspiration from gospel music and giving back through her songs and renditions. Her song, ‘I’m a witness’ is a upbeat gospel number that is also a great song anyone can relate to.

It is difficult to describe Dana’s voice because it is not one that listeners come across very often. Her unique voice has an earthy feel to it, and at the same time possesses a strong ability to mesmerize the listener, an angelic powerhouse is an apt description.

Dana, despite her struggle to make a mark for herself has given several other singers and artists the courage to live their dream. She plans on composing more gospel songs and is working hard to finish her album this March. Talking about it in a recent interview, the singer said “I want my music to touch everyone and bring people together. My music holds an uncommon energy… that all can enjoy! Enjoy the ride!”

In more than one way, Dana is destined to become a star and those who have interacted with this singer and listened to her voice can endorse this opinion. To learn more about Dana and her work, check her out on Instagram @danagospel or follow these links, ,

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