The fundaMentals release “Get Off Our Lawn”

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The fundaMentals Keep Rock and Roll Alive With New Album “Get Off Our Lawn!: A Rock and Roll Testimonial”

Who says Rock and Roll is dead? Oh, it may have sat on it’s nuts and is currently writhing in pain on the floor, but it’s far from dead. This week’s release of neo-classic rockers The fundaMentals album “Get Off Our Lawn!: A Rock and Roll Testimonial” on Porch Harlot Records proves that rock and roll is alive and well. These prodigious paltroons of rock and roll derring-do have combined arena rock, power pop, punk, and hard rock to put forth an album that is a sonic-pipebomb-in-the-poopchute, a veritable full throttle foot in the sphincter that all rock and roll fans will enjoy.
Formed in 2008 by The Icon (guitar, lead vocals) and Danger Dan (lead guitar), and joined along the way from various homeless shelters and halfway houses by The Mad Bomber (bass), Big Hoss (keyboards, vocals) and The Hammer (drums), “The World’s Oldest Living Garage Band” have perfected their craft: imperfect rock and roll. Loud guitars, a thunderous rhythm section and keyboards to bring the whole thing together, along with tongue-in-cheek (and occasionally head-in-a**) lyrics set The ‘Mentals apart. From the bar band anthem “I Do It All For Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the twisted romance of “Tick Tick Boom”, and the flat-out bitchiness of “She Wouldn’t Shut Up”, to the darkness of “Don’t Want To Feel This” and the redemption of “I’m Not Afraid”, this album packs 12 tracks of loud, obnoxious rock that proves the age old theory: Real men never grow up.
The fundaMentals will keep the spirit of rock and roll alive, as long as there are bars, barmitzvahs or garages to play. Some people play because they want to, The ‘Mentals do it because they have to. It’s their reason for being. Whether it be in the worst dive bar or the classiest…uh, dive bar, The fundaMentals will continue to bring the volume, keeping their amps at 11 and their IQ’s slightly lower.
“Get Off Our Lawn!: A Rock and Roll Testimonial” is available for free preview at If you’re ready to rock, this is the place to start.


The fundaMentals
“Get Off Our Lawn!:A Rock and Roll Testimonial”
Release date: 4/5/2012