The Dream Gypsies Release Concept Album ‘The Analogue Chronicles’


New Rock Album Based On Novel Out of Time (To Be That Bird)


Lincoln City, Oregon – September 30, 2017 – Inspiration comes from a variety of places, but for The Dream Gypsies their latest album was a concept that spawned penned by one of their own. Out now, The Analogue Chronicles brings to life Steven Ranta’s highs and lows found within the pages of Anthony Peregrine Elliott’s novel Out of Time (To Be That Bird).

An homage to the surreal elements of The Twilight Zone with a sci-fi thriller vibe like Netflix’s Stranger Things, Out of Time (To Be That Bird) is the story of an angry man named Steven Ranta who was bred to hate all who are different from him. His anger gets put to the test when a twist of fate sends him into a parallel universe. His tale exists as a powerful reminder of the simple, ancient wisdom of treating others like you would like to be treated.

Conceptualized from the novel, The Analogue Chronicles is a reaction to the words Anthony Peregrine Elliott penned for the book. Then he and the rest of The Dream Gypsies spent 16 months transforming Steven Ranta’s adventurous anger into their latest release, which dropped July 2017.

Currently, the band is busy assembling a full band, with the goal of performing The Analogue Chronicles in full some time by 2018. After that, they hope their concept rock album will reach its final form; a rock opera.

Those interested in adding The Analogue Chronicles to their playlists, getting a copy of the album or book for review, or speaking with The Dream Gypsies about their concept rock album can get in touch via the information provided below.


The Dream Gypsies is a rock band from Oregon who released The Analogue Chronicles. The album is a concept rock record based on their own Anthony Peregrine Elliott’s novel Out of Time (To Be That Bird).

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