Contact: Chris Zickel
Phone: 4087727411
Email: tazzof408@gmail.com

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – Tazzino – San Jose’s Finest
Enter Tazzino. Rising from the ashes of the Northern California Bay area ghettos comes a fiery challenger to the hip hop throne, dominating the underground while making his push toward the next level of stardom. Riding the success of his current mixtape, The Lost Tapes from the Lab, this 22-year-old lyrical machine is making moves and connections while continuing to ink inspirational, political, entertaining music wrought with raw talent and brilliant hit-making sensibility.
While growing up in the San Jose area, Tazzino found solace in music and poetry, immersing himself with writing and song-making to fend off the temptations and dangers of the streets. Originally ignited by winning a 6th grade poetry contest, he fell head over heels into the world of hip hop, eventually transforming his writing into raps. Influenced by legends such as Nas, 2Pac, Eminem and Immortal Technique, he firmly committed to God, his son and inspiring peers to take control of their future and make the most of their opportunities in life.
Jam packed with nearly 20 explosive songs of pure West coast hip hop, The Lost Tapes from the Lab is an intoxicating cross section of Tazzino’s writing, rapping and producing abilities. From inspired, in-your-face challenges to his fellow San Jose artists to bass-thumping party anthems and hazy, smoke-fueled verses, he brings something to the table for everyone.
The tape also drew attention from WWS Magazine, who sat down with Tazzino for a quick interview to learn more about the challenges, successes and thrills surrounding his current career path. He stressed the importance of commitment and determination, saying “Feeling the need to give up is the most common. I’ve seen artists come and go, it’s important to stick with your dream if you’re willing to give it everything you got.
Now with a full head of steam backed by indie success and local radio airplay, Tazzino unleashed his next hot single “Push Repeat before heading into the studio again to record his debut EP. Serving as an official demo for labels, managers and industry reps, his next musical effort will be the first step in launching himself into the realm of national acclaim.
The Lost Tapes from the Lab and “Push Repeat can both be streamed via Reverb Nation and Youtube, with all the latest updates and news available on Tazzino’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. Head on over and discover what the San Jose hip hop scene already knows.