Sven Sundberg to Premiere Music Video, Release Maxi Single and EP

Sven Sundberg to Premiere Music Video, Release Maxi Single and EP


St. Louis, Missouri – September 21, 2016 – In combination with the world premiere of his new music video celebrating marriage equality, Sven Sundberg will also be releasing a Maxi Single for the video’s song, “If Only (featuring Charlie Dryden).” The Maxi Single, released September 20, includes five different versions or remixes of the song “If Only.” Following on the heels of the music video premiere and Maxi Single release, Sundberg will release an EP October 4 called Floyd Fears Giant.

The EP will take listeners on a new musical journey with Sven Sundberg as he ventures into electronica and remixes and will feature two new mixes of Sundberg’s already popular songs “Seasons Change” and “If Only,” as well as remix versions. Sundberg hopes to branch out from the Instrumental Pop genre with these new releases, and test the waters of the pop and Hot Adult Contemporary markets. The music video will premiere on YouTube this month, and the new releases will be available everywhere online in the form of physical CDs, mp3 downloads, and streaming.

Sundberg believes that simplicity is the hallmark of a great melody, and plays almost all the instruments on his recordings himself. That is why his music is melodic without being flashy or overdone. Listeners have lauded his music, writing responses like, “Sven, there are no words to describe the magic of your music.” The music industry has also taken notice, awarding Sundberg with Best Indie Instrumental Album of 2015 for Intimacy: A Collection and Best Indie Electronica/Instrumental Song of 2015 for “Let Me Go.” Also, Sundberg’s song, “It’s Time (Remix),” recently spent nine nonconsecutive weeks at number one on the national indie dance chart during the Spring and Summer of 2016.

Sven Sundberg’s Maxi Single with five mixes of “If Only” is available online now. The official music video for “If Only (featuring Charlie Dryden)” will premiere near the end of September on YouTube, and Sundberg’s EP, Floyd Fears Giant, will be released online on October 4. All of these will also be available on Sven Sundberg’s website.

To learn more about the new releases and special offers, or to join Sundberg’s email list and receive three free mp3 songs, visit Sundberg’s website today:


Sven Sundberg specializes in creating melodic instrumental pop gems; from soft adult contemporary to pop, pop/rock and urban to remixes with modern beats, Sven uses the perfect blend of piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and percussion to craft timeless music for all generations.

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