Superman comes from Berlin

Superman comes from Berlin


Berlin, Germany — November 6, 2017 — Root 61 starts him to the stars

Berlin Rockpop duo Root 61 releases debut album Superman in November 2017. The 5 songs and 1 remix are written and produced by Michael “Tex” Ritter and Andy T. in Berlin for several years.

The title song Superman is dedicated to the longing for a hero. Inspired by the legendary DC Comics, with a unique guitar, great atmosphere and the eyes of a child. No 2 describes how our economic second self changes us via the web. A tribute to the late publicist Frank Schirrmacher and his book Ego – The Game of Life. The sensitive ballad Young Bird shows pain and hope of parents, when the child rises into its life with wings and roots. In The Desert is inspired by the fight Good vs. Evil in the book The Stand – by Stephen King. Appealing to break out from the desert of one’s own loneliness to meet the others. Young Lover rocks the magic of love in summer and at any age. The breath of summer wind warms your soul and takes you by the hand.

Root 61 pour dreams and critical thoughts into honest, catchy rock music with pop elements. Superman is a journey to roots of rock and pop with great sound and rousing voice.

You can get the album in most downloadstores. Get more informations on Keep on rockin with a smile.


Tex and Andy are musicians with life and studio experience. They love music from heart and soul.

Root 61
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