Steve Meier’s ‘Sorrys and Goodbyes’ Delivers The Rock

Steve Meier’s ‘Sorrys and Goodbyes’ Delivers The Rock

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Denver, Colorado – August 17, 2017 – With a sound that sounds like a country boy who learned to rock it on the guitar, Steven Meier comes through with a unique sound every time an album is dropped. Whether it be 2016’s Meier or this April’s Sorrys and Goodbyes. He’s firing on all cylinders.

Taking control of everything on Sorrys and Goodbyes, Steve handled the bass, guitars and the vocals but did have a little help from fellow musician and friend Jerrod Brunemeier who played on the title track as well as “Don’t Look Back.” A solid EP, Sorrys and Goodbyes is a gritty rock record with country elements hidden in the basement of each track.

Writing and playing guitar ever since he was introduced to the guitar at 12-years-old, Steve Meier has long been a one-man band. He’s even gone as far as to build a studio in his home. His love for music had to take a backseat when reality set in and he became a single father after gaining sole custody of his daughter. Now that he’s older, he is ready to focus on music once more. First with 2016’s Meier, and now with the follow-up, Sorrys and Goodbyes.

Those interested in adding Steve Meier’s fresh new Colorado homegrown album Sorrys and Goodbyes to their playlists or speaking with him about his pursuit of music can get in touch via the information provided below.


Steve Meier is a one-man band from Colorado who released his sophomore EP, Sorrys and Goodbyes in April 2017.

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