Stan Zedler Abuses Freedom of Speech on His Debut Album ‘[ZEDLER]’

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** EDITORS: For interview requests, contact: Daniel Perez Tel:202-413-2461 Email:     The artist lashes out against FBI, US Government, and others in debut album ‘[ZEDLER]’   WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 12, 2014) –  The seven time published author, Stan Zedler moves away from poetry in order to deliver his debut album ‘[ZEDLER]’. Zedler has managed to create an album in which nothing seems to be off limits. Throughout the album, the listener is exposed to different sides of the same person; starting off with a confident artist attempting to prove everyone wrong; talks of revolution, critique towards American parents, accusations against the FBI, love, and to put it simple; a depressed teenager full of angst, using drugs to cope and trying to survive in one the roughest parts of DC.   Zedler, originally started as poet with his most recent book being ‘[sunflowers&roses]’, after making the transition into music, it has taken the artist 6 months to prepare this album for the public. Although he admits that some of the songs make him “uneasy”, his influences really help him get over that. As a 19 year old teenager he has said that OFWGKTA is one of his greatest influences, and really instilled ideals in Zedler of not being afraid to say whatever one wants, and accomplishing anything you set your mind to.   The album touches on many relevant topics presented in todays society, and because there is so much to talk about, Zedler has pushed the structure of this project by limiting the audience to an album with no choruses or hooks, offering them a rap album with only his witty thoughts that never seem to stop, however Zedler does balance his lack of hooks by offering a series of interludes of instrumentals the listener can really enjoy before submerging back into the project of this angry artist.   For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview please contact: Daniel Perez (202) 413-2461 ;


born in Washington, D.C. to parents of Dominican descent. At the age of 16 Zedler published his first book of… ...Read More

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