SoSik Presents a Hybrid Sound


New Album Out July 11


Seattle, Washington – June 8, 2017 – Coming up in a place not too well known for their hip hop scene, SoSik is hoping he can make the Pacific Northwest known for their hip hop game with his blend of rhymes, rock, and EDM on his debut album out July 11, 2017.

Influenced by the greats of that came from the ’90s such as Biggie and Tupac, SoSik put a lot of old school thought into what he does but at the same time does not dismiss what’s current in the scene with the likes of Kanye West and Future. Taking what he loves about hip hop, both new and old, and mixing in elements of rock and EDM he has created a hybrid of sound that he feels makes him a unique artist in the grand scheme of things. Lyrically he notes, “I have been fighting depression my entire life and music have become my number one outlet, after trying to commit suicide, I turned towards the music. It has saved me,” adding, “So I try to portray my emotions through my sounds as though they speak for themselves.”

An unlikely scenario from a hip hop artist, SoSik has been to the bottom of the barrel and risen above and beyond to be here today. Currently, he is working on getting the word out about his debut and also connecting with like-minded artists for a summer tour.

Those interested in reviewing the album, adding it to their playlists come July, speaking with SoSik about his journey or connecting about a possible gig can get connected via the information provided below.


SoSik is a rapper from Seattle who has had quite the emotional ride in life. All of that he’s been through and more can be found on his debut this July that fuses hip-hop, rock, and EDM.


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