Solo Artist Rekindles Their Songwriting Spirit After an Eight Year Hiatus!


Minneapolis, Minnesota. United States of America — January 21, 2018 — Aeryn Stangel recently published a lossless audio version of a digital album that was made available to the public precisely one month prior to the SuperBlueMoon Lunar Eclipse that will happen on Jan. 31.

“The Moon’s Marrow”, a concept album in which a mysterious, mystic anomaly opens a portal during a lunar eclipse that leads to some greater unknown , had driven the artist into writers’ block during 2011 in which the notes were lost. It received some new life in the Spring of 2017, when the lyric books suddenly resurfaced in the artists possession. With a fresh perspective, he modified some of the scraps of songs while constructing the pieces of the LP together.

“I’ve been asked if it’s pronounced like bone marrow, or see you tomorrow. I say the answer is yes, because it’s both. ”

Duality and conflict are re-accuring themes both musically and vocally. There are some songs wrought with despair, while others are life-affirming.

While some lyrics depict unsavory acts that may be disturbing, there is only one swear word on the entire album.
‘the Moon’s Marrow’ consists of 15 songs with an approximate run time of 38 minutes.

Take a listen, buy if you like, maybe we can barter on price. It’s for sale at


Reminiscent of genres: Pop-Punk, Grunge, Math-Rock, Folk, Blues, and Electro.
The ‘Moon’s Marrow’ LP includes musical phrasings similar to: fugues, triplets, rounds, dynamic range, vamps, ballads, aligned, and a waltz.

Aeryn Stangel
Between Downtown and Uptown area, Minneapolis, MN. USA


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