Simon Gardner Rocks it on Guitar From Down Under

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The Rock Guitar Instrumentalist’s Latest Release


Hendra, Queensland Australia – May 4, 2016 – With a handful of albums under his belt, Aussie Simon Gardner is pushing on with his latest, And So It Goes. Released in 2015, that album, as well as the others, have continued to blast his name into the stratosphere of music, but like many artists – he’s got his sights set on taking things around the world and back again.

Having performed around Australia since the early 90’s, Gardner is well versed with his native land, even appearing on the popular show, Guitar Gods and Masterpieces. He’s also had his music featured on numerous television shows not only down under but all over the world. Gardner’s music has a universal appeal and when asked about his own style and how he translates that from an album to the stage, he notes, “I like to think of it as cinematic, exciting progressive music with an emphasis on melody and great compositions. Fans always mention they love the melodies and the energy of the live show as being very dynamic, engaging and inclusive.”

On that note, Laurie Tardent of Club Greenslopes/Dragonfire Music has said of the musician that he’s “a perfectionist and a specialist.” That praise comes with only truth as Gardner is always a class act both on and off the stage and his latest, And So It Goes, is only further proof of what he’s capable on when he has a guitar in hand. He proves that words don’t make the music, the man does as he shreds the guitar up and down, creating musical atmospheres that take listeners on one wild ride after the other.

Those who are interested in hearing and learning more about Simon Gardner can head to his site. They can also some of his songs via YouTube; “Driver” and Lament

Simon Gardner is a rock guitar instrumentalist whose music has been heard around the world via multiple television programs. His latest, And So It Goes, is out now.

Simon Gardner

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