Armenian Singer Christine Pepelyan To Sing Vocals On My One And Only


VERDUGO CITY, CA, United States of America – February 25th, 2014 – Sergey Galstyan has announced that his breakaway hit My One and Only is set to be re-released as a vocal version featuring Christine Pepelyan, a singer who is a superstar in Armenia with many fans in the Armenian diaspora in the United States.


The original instrumental version of My One and Only can be purchased at CD Baby for just $0.97, and it is also available on Amazon and iTunes. It can also be viewed for free on YouTube. Galstyan has often stated that his music is “for everybody”, and his dream is for the world to listen to and enjoy his compositions.


The vocal version of My One and Only will be released in

Sergey Galstyan

Sergey Galstyan

the coming weeks.


As Galstyan himself explains, “I compose my music with

feeling rather than thinking and it is done automatically

as if a higher power uses me to write my music through

me.” The music is universal, soothing and relaxing.


The song was inspired by his other half, and Sergey has

dedicated it to lovers across the world. The song has

already gained Sergey fans, with one describing My One and Only as “beautiful… truly a nostalgic piece.”


They are surely looking forward to the beautiful, haunting vocals of Christine Pepelyan over his searching melody! Sergey Galstyan is one of the hottest up-and-coming artists of 2014, and My One and Only is just the beginning….


About Sergey Galstyan:

Sergey Galstyan started to play the piano at a very young age, and composed his first song at the tender age of 17. His passion for music is expressed through his compositions, which come naturally to him. His main inspiration is Richard Clayderman, and his compositions often have a classical tint to them.


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