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Seattle Washington — September 8, 2015 — J.R LaFlame home grown straight out of Seattle, Washington. Founder of the group 4KMG (4Th Kind Music Group) Touring Seattle clubs doing shows J.R Laflame knows exactly how to get the crowd amped up. There’s a lot to be explored when it comes to energetic J.R LaFlame.

With J.R LaFlame’s well anticipated Ep titled “Gold Da Vinci” he intends to reach out on global scale. This is more than just an EP its motivation. J.R LaFlame’s main source for music output is Sound Cloud. Currently working on Gold Da fans should expect with then the next couple of months.

J.R LaFlame has been featured on Miss Casey Carter’s online blog. Mentioned by many of his twitter followers. Getting calls/emails from other independent artist looking for features.

There’s a lot to learn about J.R LaFlame and the way he creates his music. Currently working on “Gold Da Vinci” J.R LaFlame left his fans with his latest EP titled “Cold Summers” J.R LaFlame already has his 3rd solo EP in the works. For more info check out J.R LaFlame’s press kit.

You can learn a lot all you got to do is listen with your ears.


J.R LaFlame
Seattle, Washington
Press Kit:



J.R LaFlame a rapper out Seattle, Washington founded a group called "4KMG" (4th Kind Music Group. Main source of music… ...Read More

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