Scotty Ross’ Debut Single Will Get You #SOAKINGWET

Scotty Ross’ Debut Single Will Get You #SOAKINGWET


Newport Beach, Ca — August 15, 2017 — A viral video is making the Facebook rounds which portrays everyone’s favorite SnapChat buddy, Dancing Hot Dog, getting lit on a yacht surrounded by beautiful models. So lit in fact, he “lights it up til he is #soakingwet.” The song blasting in his headphones – “My World” by new pop/edm artist Scotty Ross.

Dancing Hot Dog isn’t the only one feeling the debut single from the 2015 Arizona’s Got Talent Finalist. The “My World” lyric video is beginning to gain traction on YouTube, EDM Facebook and Reddit groups, as well as spins on iTunes/ Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and other major streaming sites.

The song, released this month, is produced by acclaimed producer That Orko, who is best known for his work on rising pop star Miss Krystle’s most recent albums. Scotty’s cool, calm, and collected vocals mixed with That Orko’s powerful, party anthem drops equals irresistible ear candy soon to be consumed by the masses.

“It’s a dream come true to be associated with the power duo of That Orko and Miss Krystle. We’ve come up with something unique, powerful, and could potentially be a genre defining single.” Scotty continues, ” I can envision it pumping through arenas and massive pool parties throughout the country and world someday soon! We’ll all be lighting it up til we’re #soakingwet!”

A “My World” official music video is in the works and expected to be released in October, taking place in none other than the City of Sin – Las Vegas. Will Dancing Hot Dog make it back from the yacht in time to make a cameo?

“My World” the debut single from Scotty Ross, is available on iTunes, Spotify, and


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