Scotty MF Wilson Brings Hip Hop Back to the Midwest



Florissant, Missouri — May 23, 2016 — Scotty MF Wilson clearly gives listeners a new perspective with hip hop music from the Midwest. With a beautiful reintroduction of the original smooth Midwest style incorporated with the “New Wave.” Scotty MF Wilson has definitely made the industry take notice on how talented St. Louis can be.

The project emerged from nowhere around May. The project, A Gentleman’s Evil Thoughts EP seemed to break the rules and change the face of Midwest music. The usual sound with a not-so-usual twist, and it doesn’t stop with just the music. Scotty MF Wilson has been setting a trend throughout the Midwest by bringing back the times of Do or Die, Twista, and R.Kelly while appealing to the new generation’s love for beats. It seems this may be the sound to get the Midwest back in the game. A spark such as this would create national news for the Midwest maybe encouraging the idea to just be you.

“I thought hip hop was dead. I guess not #scottywilson” -Dallas

“I knew St.Louis had talent! #AGÊT” -Kira

“I can listen to @imnotscottyw all day.” – @honeybee_

Those interested in an old school meets new school sound have found the balance. Hear the new Midwest sound by Scotty MF Wilson on his Soundcloud now.


Acotty MF Wilson is a hip hop artist from the Midwest who takes the best from then and the best from now and blends it into his own, unique sound.

Scotty MF Wilson
Scotty Wilson
2033 Farflung Drive, Florissant, MO, United States


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