Sam Seed the Shaggy Dog Drops Fifth Release, ‘L8Bit’



Salt Lake City, UT — May 23, 2016 — Sam Seed the Shaggy Dog has written and produced four albums since 2008. His latest EP, L8Bit, like the others, was also Influenced by a multitude of genres, including Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, and EDM.

Sam Seed is an electronic musical artist who has been writing and producing in the digital medium for over eight years, has 20 years experience as a lead guitarist and performer, mostly in the blues genre, and is a musician who is constantly exploring new ways to express “all the music that is constantly running through [his] head.”

L8Bit is Sam’s latest self-produced and released album. His unique style will immediately catch the ears of listeners as he takes them on a trip inside his musical mind. Anyone looking to hear an alternative to the typical electronic sound should be very pleased with the songs here. Fans can find the album for sale on Bandcamp on June 1, 2016, along with the majority of his previous releases.

“I’ve always got musical ideas running through my head and sometimes it’s hard to really capture them in a way that will create a cohesive sound,” says Sam Seed, adding, “This time I wanted to create an album that has a different sound and feel to anything else I’ve put out so far, and I think L8Bit really nails it.” Listen to the track “Hitchhiking Shark,” from the new album L8Bit on Soundcloud and preorder L8Bit on Bandcamp now.


Sam Seed The Shaggy Dog is a Houston, TX native born Corey Miles Feinberg May 23, 1980. He started playing guitar at 14, and has many influences such as blues, jazz, funk, EDM, and hip hop. Incorporating old world music with contemporary sounds, Sam Seed likes to blend many different sounds into one collective, eclectic piece of work.

Sam Seed The Shaggy Dog
Corey Sheeley
10669 Double Jack Circle South Jordan, UT 84095

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Sam Seed The shaggy Dog is a Houston, TX born musician. Born Corey Miles Feinberg May 23, 1980, he started… ...Read More

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