Salute Believe “We Can” Bring About Peace

Salute Believe “We Can” Bring About Peace

Music is Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Culver City, California – June 22, 2016 – Working towards a greater good is all anyone can ever ask for in terms of a career, and that’s what the members of Salute are hoping for with their craft. Their latest release, “We Can,” is just the beginning as they want to use their music as a starting point to do so much more good in this world. From charities, to spreading peace awareness.

“We Can” is a positive note that couldn’t have come at a better time. Every other day the news is strewn with horrific news – and Salute, like many, are tired of it. “We Can” ushers in a way of thinking that is a universal message that the majority of the humans on this earth can relate to. No one wants to see their world without peace. So that’s why Salute set out to do something with their music. Extremely melodic and easy to listen to, it is both pleasing and has a purpose.

Right now, Salute want listeners to hear their music and find the peace within it. In the future though, they hope to do more with their name. Like the late, great Whitney Houston Salute believes that children are the future – and with that they want to start an international free hospital that is  funded by every country in the world for children who’ve been hurt in war. Calling it LOCL, Let Our Children Live, Salute hope to one day make that a reality. For now though they have their latest, “We Can,” ushering in their message of peace to the world.

Those interested in hearing more from Salute, can check them out online.

Salute is a band out of Culver City, CA that is all about peace – be it creating it through music, like their latest release “We Can,” or spreading it with their future plans.

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