Ruff Patches Announces Debut Album Release


Contact: David Mancini
Phone: (502) 296-8412

LOUISVILLE, KY – A very unique and original “Back Alley”, yet “Thinking Man’s”, ROCK sound, Ruff Patches provides catchy, fresh melodies, thoughtful instrumentation, and vibrant, meaningful vocals to their wide rock range- from dreamy, poppy love ballods to hard metal. This album brings a batch of songs that are aged, evolved, and well developed. Every note on this record was thought through, tested, compared, and judged- then laid in its proper place. We write our songs from the gut, and from the heart. The album title – “Full Circle”- represents a lot of meaning, for us and to all. It took us 5 years of complete dedication to just record the songs, mix them, master, and print. We feel the final results are well worth the effort and love put in. Members: David Walker Mancini, Jesse Travis Simpson, William Griffin Maples, and Matthew James McGee. We hope everyone who hears the music will absorb its power. This album is a beautiful, rockin work of art! Love, foregiveness, and generosity to all- is the only way to make it through the Ruff Patches alive…