Introducing the World to Rkn-Justo’s Sound.



Troy, New York — May 18, 2016 — Rkn-Justo was raised in Upstate Troy, New York. A lot of things have impacted his life from street situations to deaths in the family, and even loosing close friends. Growing up in the struggle made Rkn-Justo strive even harder for greatness at a young age. Throughout high school he started to build a reputation and got a buzz throughout his neighborhood, and the buzz really kicked in after appearing on songs with Diplomats Artist J.R. Writer. The sky is the limit for Rkn-Justo with hope to put a major impact on the world with all of his motivation and talent.

Rkn-Justo puts his all in his music every time he records a song. He might not be the biggest music artist in the world but with the support of his family and the inspiration from his kids he will never give up on his dream. Rkn-Justo has more music to be recorded as he is working on a mixtape titled ReturnOfTheRkn, set to be released August 18, 2016

If you would like to hear more powerful music from Rkn-Justo you can also check him out at Reverbnation for free downloads.


Rkn-Justo is an emcee out of New York who knows the struggle all too well and put all that into his music.



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