REX STAX new single is a care free caribbean anthem.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — July 3, 2017 — From the first floating notes of Rex Stax’s new single, “Eternity Collide”, you know you’re in for a treat. The Tropical House track is an airy combination of dance beats and sparkling, synthesized percussions that keep the melody bouncing from beginning to end.

Playful lyrics like “Lets play together, closer than ever, please don’t leave no space” give the song a flirtatious tone that would be at home in a club, or more intimate settings.
Available on iTunes, Spotify and other MP3 stores.

Lets get tropical

Media Features:

Rex Stax’s New Single Is A Care-Free, Caribbean Anthem

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REX STAX and DOZE release celestial driven collaboration.

Watch our music video here: or stream the song on Spotify:


Stax’s music maintains the uptempo grooves
of his earliest sonic influences (namely Kraftwerk
and Grandmaster Flash), blending Western
sounds with those of the Caribbean to create
relaxed, yet danceable music

Tobias Ehlen
Kupfersteinstrasse, 25
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