By Lorne K. Hemmerling

Port Hope ON. Canada • Elizabeth Storms is a very talented vocalist, composing, recording artist. Blessed with what can only be described as a ‘beautiful voice’, she has been singing since childhood. She began writing songs and playing guitar in her teenage years. One original tune, ‘Fantasy’, was written when she was only sixteen years old.

Her collaboration with guitarist, composer, lyricist, Lorne Hemmerling, has resulted in some of the most honest music ever released. With lyrics drawn from personal experiences, melodies and hooks that are extremely memorable and radio friendly, this duo has created buzz all over Internet sites and radio stations worldwide. Their entry EP, ‘The Fire Within’, contains six originals in the country/folk/adult contemporary genre.

One song ‘Thank You’ received airplay from reporting stations all over the globe. Distributed through Florida based Musik And Film (Stephen Wrench CEO), the song did very well in Japan and The Netherlands. Paul Newman’s show on Radio Seagull out of The Netherlands featured three originals. He cited ‘Different Page’ as a personal favourite.

The Elizabeth Storms Duo is currently playing shows in the local area and writing and recording

Elizabeth Storms:
Lorne Hemmerling
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