Reallifestyle Mu$ic Drop Debut Single



Grand Prairie, Texas — May 21, 2016 — Talented and charismatic Reallifestyle Mu$ic drop their much anticipated debut single “Addicted to Money” today. The groundbreaking track from the upcoming mixtape features composed melodies originating from trap music.

This song can be looked at as more than a track, but as a lifestyle brand as it hosts a platform advocating unique music, style, and culture. The Gullwing  Team has described Reallifestyle’s sound as one that “come together to spread their talents as one.” With that, Reallifestyle Mu$ic have generated a solid and conceptual brand that’s style is cutting edge all the way from the name of the brand, to the motto they bring to the music and fashion industry.

Reallifestyle Mu$ic is an upcoming group with magnificent sound started from scratch when the members became friends in the mid-00’s. Yoboyod and Yung Ced from Texas, and Don B and EASy from Kansas City – they all decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue their dreams and  to become the next big thing. This group has seen its fair share of hardships personally and professionally, but they’ve continued to push their way this far, and won’t stop until they reach the top. Reallifestyle Mu$ic has the potential to be the next thing popping in the industry, and the “Addicted to Money” is proof of that.

Those interested in hearing more from Reallifestyle Mu$ic can check them on Facebook now. For the single, “Addicted to Money,” head to CDBaby.

Reallifestyle Mu$ic is an up and coming rap group out of Atlanta with a debut single in their back pocket, “Addicted to Money.”

Adonis Spencer


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