Prime Time Funk Hear and Now


Contact: David Cohen
Phone: 585-383-8910

FAIRPORT, NEW YORK – Prime Time Funk: Hear and Now

The long-awaited second Prime Time Funk CD has finally arrived! The self-produced Hear and Now
contains 10 masterful tracks from the veteran 10-piece horn band from Rochester, NY, and is
dedicated to late PTF bassist and co-founder, Ralph Ortiz.

Besides PTF’s members – Ronnie Leigh (lead & bkg. vocals), James Richmond (tenor & alto saxes,
bkg. & lead vocals), David Cohen (drums, percussion, bkg. vocals), Vince Ercolamento (tenor, alto &
soprano saxes, flute), Mike Edwards (bari sax, flute, EWI, violin), Ron D’Angelo (trumpet &
flugelhorn), Derrick Lipp (trumpet & flugelhorn), Andy Calabrese (keyboards), Joe Chiappone (guitar)
and Ron France (bass) – the CD also features sacred steel star, Chuck Campbell (The Campbell
Brothers), and washboard king, Clifford Alexander (C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band).

“That Smile, written in honor of Ralph Ortiz, unites a trio of his friends as well as virtuoso vocalists:
Todd East, Oliver Wiggins (now living in Los Angeles, Rochesterians may remember him from Mother
Freedom, Saratoga and Don Potter) and PTF’s own Ronnie Leigh. Because the band began
recording the CD before his death, Ortiz himself plays on half of the album’s tracks and co-wrote one
of the songs.

“We feel blessed to keep Ralph’s extraordinary and unique talent alive through this CD, says James
Richmond in Hear and Now’s dedication. “Listen to the five signature tracks that Ralph recorded and
you’ll realize that they are all testaments to a man who lived, loved and breathed music.

Eight of the 10 tracks are originals by various band members: “Attitude, “Been There, Done That,
“Whatcha Gonna Do, “Quiet Time, “Power, “Want What You Want, “Recipe for the Good Life and
“That Smile. The other two are original remakes of hit tunes: “Love the One You’re With by Steven
Stills, and “We Can Work it Out (Yes We Can Can) by John Lennon and Paul McCartney/Alan