Pop Star Ashley Nicole Is About To Release Her First Album

Pop Star Ashley Nicole Is About To Release Her First Album


Orlando, FL — March 15, 2016 — Ashley Nicole, pop singer/songwriter/actress, is releasing her first album All Of Me

Ashley Nicole started writing songs and singing 3 years ago after having been bullied badly in school. In order to cope, she began writing about her feelings. Each of her songs made the top 5 in Australia till they stopped the contest in 2015. Ashley Nicole has opened for national artists like R&B star Jacob Latimore and she has done school tours with legendary music icon Maurice Starr and his boy bands. She is currently writing and singing songs for feature films with A list actors and the movie soundtracks which include many Grammy winning artists. Ashley N icole has been diligently working on her album All of Me.

Ashley Nicole only has a few more songs to record, then her first album will be released. It is called All of Me because she has poured her heart and soul into each song in this album.

Please keep an eye out for Ashley Nicole’s music. It’s on MTV, Jango Radio, Itunes, radio stations worldwide and in films/TV shows.

Check out Ashley Nicole’s fan page for updates at www.facebook.com/AshleyNicoleMusic and hear her music at www.reverbnation.com/AshleyNicoleMusic1


Ashley Nicole Music
Press Kit: http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/ashleynicolemusic1

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