Pimpflurry receives a fat gold royalty revenue check.


South Africa — October 23, 2018 — As for independent uprising artists, getting paid for your work is pretty hard especially if you have a big audience but not for Pimpflurry.

There is no easy road to fame and fortune on the South African music industry especially when you are an independent artist or musician. The struggle is beyond words and patience at that stage becomes your greatest enemy. As for Pimpflurry and his team, they’ve seemed to work out their own strategies and happened to reach out an enormous audience including locals and international.

His quote was ” it always looks impossible until it is done”. He continued ” having the best team keeps you motivated and it gives you strength and supports you mentally during the depression – said Pimpflurry. We are told that he received a 5 figured check from his Soundcloud Releases.

These accomplishments include the following tracks –

“Baby you the”
“Why you on your feelings ”

These songs making it big on Soundcloud, be sure to check them out.

His journey continues and hopefully, he will be releasing more music for all of his true fans. His humbleness will give he the glory and legacy he deserves and a beautiful historical story.

If you are reading this be sure to check it his music on the provided link below –


Pimpflurry is a Solo artist who is professionally a songwriter, a singer, rapper, composer and a designer. His primary genres are hip-hop, Rap, and Rnb. He began when he was 16 years old but he only well recognized in the year 2016. His career took a bold step forward leaving no choice but to fulfill all his desire for music and fans engagement. Check out his website his website http://www.pimpflurry.com and for bookings send your inquiries on Info@pimpflurry.com.

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