Paradox Please


Contact: Chad Leonberg
Phone: 7246305955

NEW BRIGHTON, PA – Paradox Please is an alternative rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. Their music combines a wide variety of genres while primarily experimenting with progressive rock, heavy metal, and electronica. By doing this, it creates a more complex music structure, with an appeal to many different audiences. Before Paradox Please got going, they worked with a few different sounds and musicians, until they finally found what they were searching for. The name “Paradox Please, along with a few freshly written songs, was established in July, 2011. They consist of four band members: a singer/guitarist (James Beswick), a lead guitarist (Carl Leitem), a bassist (Brittany Glitsch), and a drummer (Chad Leonberg). They are not only known for their emotive, thought striking, and creative music, but for their live performances as well. Project 139, their new demo, was recorded at Cobblesound Recording Co. and then released on 3/3/2012. This new demo will leave you awestruck after only 3 tracks. Paradox Please is a very dedicated group of musicians who always strive to create a new sound.