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Norfolk, VA — October 13, 2017 — King Geech is one of the hottest hip hop artist out of the east coast. King Geech has a passion for music that goes beyond measure. King Geech has more than just a message to get across, he has a new lifestyle to share with the world. blasting off his new music career already with multiple tracks and shows under his belt.

King Geech is slowly but surely building his own fanbase with a starting number of alittle over 10,000. King Geech has a different and distinct voice in hip hop. He sounds nothing like the music everyone hears on the radio. he already has multiple tracks streaming all over iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and 100s of other streaming sites.

King Geech is still awaiting his big break and never giving up hope. He already has blog write ups on various sites such as Thisis50, Desert storm radio, and many more but is still awaiting to get a write up on XXL, Top buzz, and more major companies. with little or no help King Geech has to determination, will power, drive, and work ethic to do what it takes to be broken into the music industry.

King Geech has gotten of to a legit start. He will definiately have many more shows all over and multiple tracks and projects until he can no longer make music.

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King Geech music is filled with abstract beats, inspirational lyrics, and impeccable concepts. King Geech music is nothing like the music that is currently being promoted on radios or music blogs.

King Geech
King Geech
1132 Ivystone Square, Chesapeake, VA
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King Geech is a independent solo artist from Norfolk, VA. His only passion and dream is to make music and… ...Read More

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