One of Hottest Rappers on Smule Who is said to be the New generation Eminem


Humble, Tx — July 20, 2017 — Everyone is waiting for that next Legend Rapper to blow the nations mind, we’ll wait No Longer.

Blowing up more and more each and every week people are shocked at the talent and unique style Nike,an indie rapper undiscovered is bringing to the table on smule karaoke, an app where many singers and rappers unite and make music,share,sing together and find their talent.

“Wow sound so much like Eminem it’s unreal!!” Fans say , “Eminem is that you?!?” “More talent than rappers on radio how are you not famous, get famous already!!”

Don’t just take word for it come listen for yourself. Will not regret taking time to see the talent that hasn’t blew the worlds mind “yet”.

Help get Nike recognized and in the industry where he deserves talent this grand would be a
Crime to go to waste!!

Visit Nike’s website where you will find links to music and the App to hear him and be able to follow and listen and without doubt fall in love with his music.


Joey Terral
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