Old School Meets New School

Old School Meets New School


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — March 7, 2016 — After recording nine albums with ‘vintage’ analog equipment and playing all the instruments himself, John Russell has expanded his musical palette to include computer generated compositions.

Following the release of his “Dark Days” album in January 2016, Russell decided, at the suggestion of a friend and fellow musician, to embrace 21st Century methodology for making music and try composing on his computer, using one of the many programs available for such methods. In John’s case, it was the Magix Music Jam app.

“Music Jam was so easy to use,” Russell explains. “Once I got the hang of it I was cranking out tunes like nobody’s business”. In two days John composed enough material for two albums, “Electronica” and its double album follow-up “Electronica II”, both of which encompass Russell’s usual guitar-driven Rock material while also embracing electronic House, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep styles, as well as Reggae, Funk and Jazz. Both releases were immediately successful on the music sharing sites such as Soundcloud where Russell has uploaded all of his material.

“Admittedly, making music on my computer sorta made the old method of plugging my guitar and whatnot into my old four track seem kinda obsolete,” Russell added. “But it also enabled me to experiment with genres I normally wouldn’t have considered simply using guitar, bass and drums. Artistically it’s been very liberating.”

Since recording the “Electronica” projects, Russell has also released an album of Techno music, “Fun On A Friday Night”, a reggae album “Kingston Nights” and a “Chill Out” album called -naturally- “Chillin’ Out”. Currently he is working on a funk and jazz influenced project.

As well as on the popular Soundcloud site, all of John Russell’s albums can be streamed or downloaded for free here:


John Russell has been an Edmonton based musician for the last twenty five years. He plays guitar, bass and drums, plus occasional vocals, and records all of his music in his home recording studio.

John Russell


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