Nyke Nitti New single No Freak


Contact: Nate Johnson
Phone: 7203350545
Email: nykenitti@gmail.com

AURORA, CO – The Mile High City has a way of cutting through the nonsense. When local rap radio sticks to a strict 10 song pop rotation, hip-hop clubs are shut
down, and the music press couldn’t care less, only the best performers stay in the game.
On top of that short list is Nyke Nitti, veteran of the Colorado rap game.
Across a string of independently released albums, Nyke Nitti aka the Mile
High Hitman has paid his dues and become synonymous with Colorado Hip Hop.
On his own steam, Nyke has released five albums, two mixes with numerous units sold under his belt.
Credit word of mouth and street-level promotions,but don’t leave out the relentless performances, where Nyke has graced every stage from the club
level to sharing spotlight with the biggest names in the business, including Jay-Z Outkast,E-40, Too Short you name it he has performed with them. Thanks to a no-apologies No Coast ethic, his style nods to East,West and Dirty South sounds but never bows to them. With his New Single No freak Produced by Moheat. A club banger that is guarenteed to get the party moving. He is taking a great leap from underground into the mainstream but keeps his hard-edged, grimy core with polished bounce that plays to
the street just as well as it does the clubs. As one of the truly dedicated rhymers to make it in the rare air of the mile high city, Nyke Nitti still has
nowhere to go but up.