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Phone: 2675936488

PHILA, PA – NP Hozman – Streets Of The Future EP (1 Pharrell & Kareem produced track)
It all started when NP Hozman (North Philly Hozman) was the former member of a local rap group named Mad Man Squad (also known in Philly as ‘Double M’) with his cousins Carnell, Buck & Rosco P. Coldchain. After catching many experiences in the field of Hip-Hop, they all branched off doing their own projects. This was also the time that Rosco got signed to Star Trak. During that time NP Hozman had started a family and was working on perfecting his music for his international breakthrough in the music scene.

Now he came in contact with Kareem Rebel (the man behind the CRS project with Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams) and started to work on his debut EP titled Streets Of The Future. The EP will feature 7 tracks. The track ‘Streets Of The Future’ itself was originally produced by Pharrell Williams and Kareem Rebel back in ’07 for the CRS-project. The track now went to NP Hozman and features singer J-Smoove.

The first official single of Streets Of The Future titled ‘Hoz Babay’ is released this day, the 1st of March 2011 from NP Hozman’s official twitter account and is produced by Solemnly (the super talented brothers Fer da Lash & Alvinio).

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