Norman Collins Dreams A Populist Message With New Album “I Must Be Dreaming”


San Francisco, CA — October 9, 2015 — The songs on Norman’s new cd reveal a keen observation through a very American experience, reflecting the times of today.

Arriving in Nashville from St. Louis with seven dollars in his 4 pockets, Norman Collins soon became a homeless tramp for a few months until he met people that lived indoors. After rediscovering the joys of indoor living, Collins began doing session work with John Hiatt & Jimmy Buffett while also performing in Nashville clubs.

Soon after, Norman met Hank Ballard in Nashville & wrote & recorded with him in Chicago’s Chess studios. They toured the east coast playing Madison Square Garden & the Philadelphia Spectrum. Moving to Los Angeles, Collins played guitar in Watts with various funk bands & soon began referring to himself as the White Chocolate Drop, which his fellow bandmates vigorously denounced. A friend’s need for a guitarist brought Norman up North to San Francisco where he now lives in quiet desperation.

Norman’s new release titled “I Must Be Dreaming” is a stirring blend of Rock, Blues & Country. Stories unfold with touching & gripping music & lyrics about everyday people.

To run the gamut of human emotions, visit Norman’s Bandcamp page and listen to his latest release “I Must Be Dreaming”.


Norman Collins

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