Nice music

Nice music

Contact: Ilya Rozhansky

Tel: (617) 695-4382


ILYA ROZHANSKY MAKES DEBUT ON MUSICAL SCENE “Maritime Diary” Is An Enjoyable And Evocative Musical Odyssey   Newton, Massachusetts, United States of America – May 31st, 2014 – Ilya Rozhansky today announced the release of his debut CD, Maritime Diary, an instrumental album.   Maritime Diary was entirely composed and played by Rozhansky himself on his Yamaha electronic piano. His style is evocative of Richard Clayderman, but with a firm set of nuances that are undeniably his own brand.   Rozhansky is already considering his next move. When asked what direction he’s thinking of taking his musical style, he smiled and said “I’ve got ideas. I think I may try out a different style. Something a little more rocky, perhaps!”   Listeners have already acclaimed his debut, with one saying “I listened to several compositions of yours and enjoyed the sound and tranquility of the music. Keep it up!”   Fans can listen to Maritime Diary right now on his website. Listeners can also purchase a CD direct from Rozhansky, available in English or Russian. Stay tuned for more albums coming soon.   About Ilya Rozhansky Rozhansky is an accomplished keyboard pianist who has just released his very first album, Maritime Diary, an instrumental album that focuses on themes of the ocean. Rozhansky has plans to release more albums in the near future. For more information, visit Rozhansky’s website or Facebook page.



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