Newfoundland Singer/Songwritter Shanda Hopkins Announces Debut Album Rewind

Newfoundland Singer/Songwritter Shanda Hopkins Announces Debut Album Rewind


Newfoundland Canada — November 10, 2017 — Newfoundland Country Singer/ Songwritter Shanda Hopkins is out to prove that all is not that meets the eye . This girl has proven that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Her first debut album Shanda Hopkins Rewind tells her life story as is.

One listen to Shanda Hopkins Country debut album “Rewind ” will reveal that it’s all about the stories and the intimacy she brings to a very personal setting. Ten carefully crafted songs that Shanda has written on this album will speak directly to you . Shanda’s songwriting reaches the depth of her soul . Crafting her lyrics from her innermost thoughts and personal experiences. Intruding the listener even further and relating there own life situations to the ones Shanda has faced .

It’s one moment at a time
The Past is on my mind
The feeling I get sometimes
When I walk away
The crazy life ahead I wish I could go instead
And change it all for it
To all Rewind ……

Shanda has already received some radio play with CHMR 93.5 a local radio station in Newfoundland Canada.

Shanda had her album Rewind produced arranged , mixed and mastered by a well known Newfoundland artist David Fitz.

Shanda Hopkins Debut album release information

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