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A Tribute To The Beatles From My Living Room – FML Room

An invitation to discover an original and amazing take on the Beatles’ music. “From My Living Room” is an intimate gathering of friends clearly having fun reshaping 13 Beatles gems, revisiting them with a free spirit, off the beaten track.

The musical concept started back in 2011. With the help of music engineer/multimedia consultant Ben Carr,  Michael Mansour progressively shaped the project and brought it to maturity.

Recorded live in a Montreal loft, the sessions were captured in a way that respected the essence of the songs while leaving room for Michael’s innovative arrangements.

A huge part of the musicianship on the recordings belongs to the great players : Alongside Michael Mansour on vocals and guitars, there is bassist Claude Sacre, drummer-percussionist Nicolas Gorge, slide guitarist Gaston Gagnon and harmonicist André Grondin.

The result is this full length album : Thirteen Beatles’ gems revisited with flair, imagination and a definite savoir-faire. From the whistles of I Wanna Hold Your Hand, to the Bossa Nova swings of Can’t Buy Me Love or from the raw organic and definitely original take on Paperback Writer  to the old blues/rock feel of Helter Skelter, there is  that bound between the musicians that you can feel throughout the songs, bringing a fresh new perspective.

Treat yourself with great music this holiday season, discover 
A Tribute To The Beatles From My Living Room by FML Room
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Contact/Info : FML Room c/o Ben Carr at