New Orleans Rapper OG Penguin To Release New Album “CRY”

New Orleans Rapper OG Penguin To Release New Album “CRY”


Hard beats and hard rhymes; both have been core staples of Hip-Hop since the culture’s inception. And while artists of today often circumvent this with gimmicks, an LP that combines the two cannot be denied. It’s a simple formula that is and will always be effective. ‘ OG Penguin brings this formula to the masses on his upcoming LP, “CRY” Distributed thru legendary distributor Select-O-Hits  (available on iTunes and Amazon soon). The aspiring and dynamic rapper will give you a taste of what his forthcoming LP will sound like with the release of his first single “LIFE FIGHT”. “CRY” is a 12-track LP packed with raw rhymes and crisp, soulful production. OG Penguin is not one to hide behind, or need a bunch of featured artists either; and to prove it — there are none on the LP. Instead, he punches his weight throughout the new LP taking on violence, hustling in the streets, and even revealing his own story. The production is crisp, with a variety of sounds to keep heads nodding


Born in the rough city of New Orleans LA and raised in the big city of San Antonio TX, OG Penguin is not to be taken lightly. His birth name is Avery Allen, and growing up he listen to all kinds of music, but gangsta rap was his passion… he studied the sound daily mimicking all the greats and eventually finding his on voice. Penguin gets his name from Being involved with gangs as a teen, Penguin was the nickname giving because of his awkward walk as a child. Brought up in a dysfunctional family, the street hustling and gangster life style is where he turned his attention, the life style is what brought penguin lots of troubles and misfortune in his early years. Rapping and producing music is what kept him out of trouble. It eventually began to keep keep his focus out of the streets and always in the studio. Inspired by 36 mafia, master P, Scarface, Geto boys and tupac, His sound fits right in the horror core gangsta rap genre.

After many years Penguin begin mixing, producing and recording himself. Doing so he now carries a strong studio presence, staying highly involved during sessions. Having worked with dozens of local rap groups in Texas and surrounding cities he published four CDs of his own. Also a ascap member, he knows his way around the lab. A solo artist Penguin is skilled in manufacturing engineering his own products and is very crafty when putting together a project. He raps about death the afterlife, struggles and the street game. With heart felt delivery, pounding bass lines and eerie melodic riffs, you can expect to be carried away by OG Penguin’s voice, musical ingenuity and quickly jump on his fast growing fan base. The latest single “Dream” off his new album entitled “Money Ova Bitches” is gaining national exposure with the help of Itunes and a stimulating music video that can be viewed on You Tube. OG’s growing popularity on the underground scene exemplifies his infectious sound. A rise to the main stream and capturing a wider audience is inevitable..

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