New Album from LoKoBe & Amigos3

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New Album from LoKoBe & Amigos3: The Universal Tongue

A soulful poet and a funk rock trio, all masters of their instruments of creation, join forces for your auditory enjoyment. Join these musical madmen on a freedom ride as their minds and skills collide. Come one! Come all! Come inside! Embark on a universal journey to live out the funk to its fullest. The fuel: a loose mixture of fine herbs and brews. The inspiration: a need to express imbedded, natural wisdom through jamming. The destination: all the way!

Loko Vellocet (lyrics, vocals) has been writing, presenting and recording rhymes since the mid-nineties, continuing from a rebellious childhood as a heavy metal drummer and rock pianist. Representing the Imperial Zue Crew, Lok has been welcomed on stages around the world to meld his insightful word to every kind of music imaginable, including hip hop, rock, reggae, metal, techno, punk and funk. Loko also plays a bit of guitar, drums, monkey flute, harp and berimbau. His poetry (the lyrics for “Freedom Road) has also been published in Guanxi magazine. The rhymes you hear are inspired by a lifetime of walking the Earth with wide open senses and an unquenchable thirst for understanding:
“I’m just an organism stuck to a spinning sphere circling the solar system talking about going places; imagine that.
What a habitat! Yeah, I can sit down and chat, float in the ocean, blow a cloud, drink poison and all of that…”

Ash Hill (guitar, bass) began recording music in 1994 and quickly developed a passion for music production. He had already cut his teeth on piano, trumpet, guitar, and bass. Ash decided to study music, and was accepted in a local collegiate program where he immersed himself in classical and jazz studies, and performed in the symphonic band. A year later Ash earned a music study scholarship through University of Central Florida and began studying in France: crazed times indeed!

Ash Hill returned to Jacksonville, Florida to hone his skills and apply what he had learned to his own music. He then started producing homegrown music at a furious pace, and linked up with a thirsty, neighborly, scholarly fellow known as “Loko Be.” These men have been recording together now for over a decade, resulting in ten previously unreleased albums of incredible music. The Universal Tongue is their first full band project with bassist James Barrett and drummer Toby Jones!

Toby Jones and James Barrett met in the mid-nineties while studying music. Toby and Ash Hill met in 1999 studying music and performed across Florida in the symphonic band. The two shared a passion for creating improvisational sounds and began recording together. James Barrett and Ash Hill met in 2001 through a work associate and immediately realized a common goal of creating abstract sounds. These three amigos began recording an interesting brand of music all their own and never stopped.

From a unique blend of backgrounds and experiences, this is American music. So, put it in your machine and set the alarm to wake up from the dream. It is time to return to Earth! These citizens of the universe, LoKoBe & Amigos3, decipher the way in THE UNIVERSAL TONGUE… enjoy the trip!

Even if you do not feel that this 45 minutes of raw, audio dope is worth ten of your hard earned dollars, it is at least worth a listen, which you can get for free right here in cyberspace at You can also check out some of Loko and Ash’s other projects at Thank you for listening and contributing to the universe…