Nepo Soteri Brings African Soul to the Big Apple

Nepo Soteri Brings African Soul to the Big Apple

A Survivor with a Beat


Brooklyn, New York – April 5, 2016 – Many were rocked by the images and story held within the confines of 2015’s Beasts of No Nation. While it was a look inside a world only many couldn’t even imagine, it was one reality for Nepo Soteri. He’s a survivor of the Rwandan civil war and having had a childhood built around extreme hardships to overcome, he’s come so far and is putting all he has now into his music.

“What sets me apart from others is I play what I am; pure and true,” says Soteri, adding, “My fans say I play my heart off.” With that, he’s been able to bring his soulful African pop and worldly sound to the nightlife of the already melting pot that is New York City. With that, his sound is sort of a symbol for the city he now calls home in many ways. He takes where he’s from and brings elements of music made popular here in the states like jazz and R&B and really makes it his own. Fans of artists like Angelique Kidjo would agree.

The Villager once said of his performance at The Washington Square Music Festival, “His smooth Afro jazz resonated with a very engaged audience, who could hardly stay in their seats. Many danced on the sidelines.” Which is always the case as Soteri always brings his a-game when he steps onto the stage.

Those interested in hearing more from, and learning more about Nepo Soteri can check out his site, here.

Nepo Soteri is a Rwandan civil war who has taken his past and created art from it by way of sound as he’s blended his African roots with more modern styles like jazz, funk and R&B.

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