Natalac Keeps the Pimp Hop Flowing with 10th Studio Album

Natalac Keeps the Pimp Hop Flowing with 10th Studio Album

‘The Natalac Experience’ Drops May 16


Columbia, South Carolina – May 16, 2016 – True artistry comes with innovation, and with that comes a talent that’s been making noise since the 90’s, Natalac. With hip hop in his blood, the veteran emcee wanted something more from his rhymes and thus – pimp hop was born. Since it’s birth, pimp hop has led this rapper on one wild ride that’s had him everywhere from BET to an animated hit series.

One of his biggest songs to date, “Pimp of the City,” garnered him attention from BET and with that came airplay in the Carolinas. His music is almost as recognizable as his face. So if his face looks familiar, well that’s because his image was used in The Boondocks as the character Slickback, a pimp – obviously. All of his success could not have been possible without his twist on hip hop. Which can be heard with his latest single, “Rates.”

Come May 16 Natalac will drop his tenth album, The Natalac Experience. With that he’ll be throwing a grand release party in Columbia. One he claims will be the biggest that city has ever seen. After that he’ll continue to plan out his next tour throughout the rest of the US.

Those interested in hearing more from Natalac can check him out online.

Natalac is an emcee who created pimp hop back in the day and has built a career around it ever since. Now he’s planning on dropping his tenth album, The Natalac Experience in mid-May.

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