Nat Berhanu Brings a Unique Touch to the Electronic Scene

Nat Berhanu Brings a Unique Touch to the Electronic Scene

Musician with a Poetic Core


Walsall, England – January 16, 2017 – Through use of melodic tunes that give way to a rhythmic nature, Nat Behanu is a delivering a distinct sound to electronic music. A sound that will bring a sense of bliss to all those who hear, especially when they hear his latest release, Incredulous.

With no formal training whatsoever, Nat has been picking up instruments naturally since the tender age of eight-years-old. Since then he’s learned how to play the keyboard, piano, synthesizer and organ all by ear. On top of that he’s always been a gifted wordsmith, releasing his first set of poetry in 2012. Musically though, he’s composed over 200 original pieces, 17 of which can be found on Incredulous – his dance album that was release in December 2016.

In the coming months expect a lot from Nat Berhanu as he has a variety of plan in store for 2017. Singles and videos from Incredulous, as well as a tentative tour of England where he’ll DJ, as well as a trip to the US to promote the album. He will also be submitting to the Independent Music Awards this fall.

A naturally gifted musician and artist, Nat Berhanu wants to continue to spread happiness in all he does. Those interested in booking Nat for a show, can get in touch via the information below.


Nat Berhanu is a self-taught electronic musician with a background in poetry, and a knack for creating happiness with his music, including his latest dance album, Incredulous.

Nat Berhanu

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