Nashville “Lost Tracks” now mastered and available

Nashville “Lost Tracks” now mastered and available


Lost Nashville Tracks recorded by Jim Wise have now been found, mastered and ready for distribution from from Silver Star Records Inc.

The windup, an outreached 6 foot 4 inch body, the smokin’ powerful release, and the roar of the crowd have created excitement for Jim Wise in two careers. A native of Joplin, Missouri, Jim was always focused on sports, but at the age of 14 he bought his first guitar and “picked and grinned” with his high school friends and played in bands, but he didn’t have much time to devote to his musical activities when his sports career began to soar.  Jim attended the University of Iowa on a sports scholarship, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and was drafted by professional baseball.

Jim became a successful St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, and after several seasons an injury sidelined his career.  After baseball, he moved to Elmhurst, Illinois, to become a park recreational supervisor, and at night he picked up his guitar and honed his singing talents as a solo act at coffee houses and clubs on Chicago’s Rush Street.  Jim eventually graduated to his own self-contained touring band, became hooked on music and entertained dreams of becoming a successful country music artist.  After working the “roadhouse” clubs, Jim progressed to large concert venues by performing as the opening act for major headliners including Alan Jackson and Waylon Jennings.  His stature, smooth baritone voice and a rockin’ country sound gets the attention of the audience on the first song and keeps it.  You will get this feeling when you first listen to his albums.

Visit Jim’s site at  to listen to tracks and watch his videos.


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Phone:  888-909-0690

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