Moses Talbot’s “Alien Vegetable Stories”

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Moses Talbot releases solo album “Alien Vegetable Stories.”

Pittsburgh, PA – Perhaps best known as the guitarist from the Abdominal Snowmen, Bach Syndrome, and Swingset, or maybe “the bald guy with the beard,” Moses Talbot has been writing and playing music in lots of different styles for over 20 years. Here’s his first proper solo release. He’s picked up some of the old Snowmen tunes and made them even more fun and tricky, if that’s even possible, and brought some other unrecorded tunes to light. There are also a few new ones, including the epic 30-minute centerpiece “King Broccoli II.”

This is a solo album in the strictest sense. Moses is heard singing and playing guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, trumpet, violin, mandolin, and a lot more. The songs deal with topics as diverse as evil paper airplane-throwing vegetables, the best ice cream shop imaginable, a country-flavored anti-love song, an invasion from ugly aliens, and the importance of love and responsibility. The songs have been road tested around many a campfire and enjoyed by many before the recordings even took place, so they are virtually guaranteed to please.

Moses Talbot’s “Alien Vegetable Stories” was released on April 23rd, 2013 on all major digital distributors such as iTunes, CDBaby and A future physical release is in the works.

Contact: Moses Talbot
1512 State Ave
Coraopolis, PA 15108-2052

Moses Talbot “Alien Vegetable Stories”
Digital Release