Mortinus Looks to Form Bonds in 2016


Electronic Artist Interested in Collaborations


Denmark – May 19, 2016 – Bred with music in his blood, the son and brother of bass players in Copenhagen – he chose a different path. Taking his knack for creating worlds with sound, he went the electronic route. Which is a far cry from his days growing up, listening to Wu-Tang Clan. A history with rap and a present with favorite Hayley Westenra, Mortinus has an eclectic taste palate when it comes to music and it shows in his own take on it.

One can hear his wide variety of sound with his songs via YouTube. From the electronic ways of “Mooi Dance” to the natural ways of “Waves in June” to the soothing, “Chant” and his most recent, “Evening at the Marketplace.” All these can be found on his channel.

A man with music running through him, Mortinus is an artist who dabbles in a multitude of genres but keeps it instrumental. Those looking to collaborate with him, can contact him with the information provided below.

Mortinus is an artist from Denmark who comes with a variety pack of sound wrapped up in instrumental goodness.



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