MJS Press Release


Contact: Michael Scott
Phone: 3604620034
Email: mikesmob161@gmail.com

SHELTON, WASHINGTON – MJS Started producing and composing music in autumn of 2011. He started before that learning how to play and make riffs and melodies on his electric guitar and keyboard piano. He is still very new to the music scene, but has learned and progressed quickly resulting in many song’s. His music and style varies from track to track, but most are either of electronic or alternative rock format. MJS believes he has created a perfect cross between the two, both ‘Alternative Electronic’ or ‘Electronic Rock’ (sub genre’s). Some of MJS’s favorite/best tracks are, ‘Great Times!’, ‘Endeavor’, ‘Super Power’, “All Will Be Forgtten’, ‘Power Within’, ‘Feel it!’, ‘Fade in/Fade Out’, ‘Modern World’, ‘Unexpected Insight’, ‘Want Your Life’, ‘Dreams’. MJS makes music quite often, regularly and will continue to do. So expect new music often.

You can listen to those song’s and more at: www.reverbnation.com/mjs1 and www.reverbnation.com/weed1