Metaleptic Fit Drops Two in One Year

Metaleptic Fit Drops Two in One Year

New Album Due In June


Chicago, Illinois – April 10, 2017 – Right at the start of the year Metaleptic Fit dropped a two-song debut entitled Prey On Thee. Metal music with intent. Metaleptic Fit brings the rock, but also captures a certain element that a lot in the genre miss the mark on.

Their leading man The Reverend notes, “What sets us apart from other artists of this genre is the distinctive qualities of our music, our production values and lyrics. The lyrics call attention to social issues from an explicit first-person point of view. In each song, a story is told with the intention of making people aware of these topics for contemplation of action. Unlike most music in this genre, there is no use of profanity, obscenity or swearing.”

Prey On Thee is currently available but Metaleptic Fit isn’t stopping there. Come June there will be another release and in between now and then they will create blogs on a monthly basis on their website, as well as newsletter for fans. Each will be updates as well as vlogs about the upcoming song topics.

Those interested in receiving these newsletters can sign up at their site. Those interested in adding Metaleptic Fit’s music to their playlists, or reviewing can get in touch via the information below.


Metaleptic Fit is a metal band with lyrical content that strays from the pack. Their debut dropped at the start of 2017, and they will soon have another come June. In the meantime they are keeping fans up to date and informed with monthly newsletters.

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