Maximum Preps for Sophomore Release and Premiere Concert

Maximum Preps for Sophomore Release and Premiere Concert

Young Emcee Aims for Originality


Los Angeles, California – June 13, 2016 – Rapping in elementary school, producing in junior high – Maximum definitely showed promise at a young age. Now a bit older, he’s got one album under his belt, and another on the way later this year. Before all that though, he’s planning his first show for early July.

Involved with a couple of projects with fellow LA rappers, Maximum does everything to well, the maximum level. He’s aiming to create and stay in his own lane with a distinct sound that not only showcases his talents, but allows him to keep his integrity. Producing since seventh grade, he creates all his own beats and with that, pens all his own lyrics as well. He says of his sound, “My musical influence is based on my upbringing and beliefs, and not on judgment by peers or current industry standards. My music is special because it aims to be original, from the heart, and not a clone of someone else’s style keeping ‘lyricism’ as a focal point.”

Maximum recently dropped his debut mixtape, Greater Ambition, on May 17 of this year, and is already hard at work on its follow up that’ll be out later this year. Right now he’s focused on putting the final touches on that, as well as booking showcases and tours to go alongside his upcoming show on July 9 at Guitar Merchant in Topanga Canyon.

For those interested in hearing more from Maximum, and seeing him play – check him out online, or get in touch.


Maximum is a LA rapper who has been making music since he was a kid. Now as an adult he’s fine tuned his distinct sound and is sharing it via Greater Ambition, and it’s follow up – out later this year.

Maximilian Conrad Wakeling
11848 Kiowa Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90049

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